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At the early age of 18, Revival Private Investigators President, David Muguercia, was promoted to a Loss Prevention Investigator for the multi billion dollar company, TJX Companies. Mr. Muguercia protected company assets from internal (employee theft) threats and external (shoplifters theft) threats. He also conducted surveillance and investigations to detect fraudulent activities, reviewed and maintained the CCTV cameras and equipment, conducted audits and inspections of operational policies and procedures.

Even though he was so young, Mr. Muguercia was recognized and awarded several times for the manner in which he handled these huge responsibilities from Corporate Regional Managers as the Best and Top Loss Prevention Investigator for the company.

In February 2002, Mr. Muguercia decided to work for Kmart/Sears Corporation as a Loss Prevention Investigator. Having the same responsibilities he had with his previous employer and being just 20 years of age, he was already training all the new Loss Prevention Investigators for multiple districts. Again, Mr. Muguercia was recognized as the Best Loss Prevention Investigator.

In June 2005, Mr. Muguercia wanted to be a Fire Fighter to help the community, so he joined the Fire Academy at Miami Dade College. While attending the Fire Fighter Academy he was offered a promotion from his current investigation job. At this point, he needed to make a really tough decision in his life. He decided to do what he passionately loves the most which is to conduct investigations.

In October 2005, Mr. Muguercia was promoted to Loss Prevention Manager/Investigator with the following job descriptions:

  • District Trainer for all new Loss Prevention Investigators.
  • District Internal Interviewer (Employee Theft Interrogation).
  • Train and certify non-certified Wicklander Loss Prevention Investigators to conduct internal interrogation interviews.
  • Assist the Divisional and District Loss Prevention Manager in multiple districts in various investigations.
  • Review data and conduct research and analysis to develop high level investigations.
  • Work closely with police detectives to investigate burglary and robbery cases.
  • Identify and recommend solutions to analytical problems.
  • Manage and conduct high shrink investigations to determine root cause of loss, and develop solutions that prevent recurrence.
  • Investigate all fraudulent employee and customer accident claims.
  • Investigate all General Liability and Workers Compensation Claims.
  • Attend Workers Compensation and General Liability Depositions to settle and close claims.
  • Install CCTV covert cameras when working on investigation cases.

While employed with Kmart/Sears, Mr. Muguercia received several recognitions for Top Loss Prevention Manager Investigator for the entire company, Top performer in external (shoplifters) investigations, Top performer in internal (employees) investigations for the company.

Mr. Muguercia then decided with his investigation tactics, knowledge and experience to expand his skills to serve the South Florida community and the State of Florida. He is 100% committed to providing the best investigations and camera installations ever provided here in the State of Florida. Mr. Muguercia is not only a Private Investigator but he is also recognized as a Mentor, Trainer, Leader, Coach and Developer for all Revival Private Investigators.

Mr. Muguercia is a family oriented person and has been married for fifteen years. He and his wife have a beautiful daughter and son. He strongly believes and understands the importance and meaning of protecting and preserving families.

Revival Private Investigators is built with a strong foundation with the right principles and values of honesty and integrity.

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