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Revival P.I. Detectives are a proven investigative resource for attorneys and their clients against cheating spouses, substance abuse by drug addicted parents or alcoholic parents, child endangerment, and other matters where child safety is a vital concern. Revival P.I. is relied upon for their knowledge, expertise and abilities at documenting child custody matters through surveillance investigations, background checks, and asset investigations. Our agency is very sensitive with these types of cases and we understand that it is a difficult process. We clearly know what is needed and what to accomplish to obtain child custody for a husband or wife.

Children are the most important aspects in these cases. We know that to help the concerned parent is to help the child or children in a custody matter. Both fathers and mothers, as well as their lawyers, use our services to document cases of wrong doing by the spouse that will have an effect on the courts decision in child custody cases.

Revival P.I. Tools and Services include:

  • Video Surveillance.
  • Locate Services.
  • Background Check.
  • Hidden Cameras & Installations.
  • Asset Investigations.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Undercover Pretext Work.

Contact us today for a free investigation consultation to get the help you need in your child custody matter.

Same day emergency private investigator service is available!

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