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All interview and interrogations will be conducted by David Muguercia, Revival Private Investigators’ President. Mr. Muguercia has conducted hundreds of interview and interrogations in his career. In fact Mr. Muguercia has been training investigators in the state of Florida since June of 2007 for multi billion dollar companies. He had saved millions of dollars for employers by utilizing his techniques and skills.

Mr. Muguercia has a deep understanding of what employer or Human Resources professionals face with difficult problems such as employee theft, drug use, vandalism and other acts of misconduct. Through his knowledge and experience in direct interrogation, he will screen the suspects and filter out the innocent, in order to focus in on the legitimate suspects. Mr. Muguercia will know if a subject is guilty once he is sitting face to face with them. He will get a verbal and written confession from the subject.

Revival P.I. Detective Services sensitive approach minimizes the strain of the investigative process while maintaining good team spirit at your facility. Muguercia’s goal is to provide you with accurate results and most important of all the TRUTH. He will walk you through all the steps and take you through the process from suspect to termination or prosecution.

Revival P.I. Detective Services Provides:

  • SCAN Lie Detection Testing – A written form that ferrets out the innocent from the potential suspects.
  • Spanish interview and interrogations for situations where the suspects cannot communicate in English.
  • Phone interview and interrogations.
  • Detailed reports highlighting the cleared and suspect list as well as excellent documentation for prosecution and fighting unemployment claims.
  • Work in concert with law enforcement when required. Knowing what the police need and want for a successful prosecution is key to an investigation.