Even the most diligent law enforcement searches are called off after a period of time and the case slips into the cold case file bin. On the other hand, it is never too late for a private investigator to conduct a missing persons search. Some people who may fall into the category of the missing and who you may want to locate include:

  • A child you suspect of running away
  • Loved ones with whom you have lost contact
  • Debtors who owe you money
  • Your biological parents
  • Your child you gave up for adoption

At Revival Private Investigations, due to our knowledge, experience and integrity, are happy to announce that all missing persons cases that have been brought to our firm have been located in a very short time frame. The number one reason for this accomplishment is because we truly care and we handle each case personally as if we are searching for one of our own. We will never quit or stop until the person is located.

Living with the uncertainty of a loved ones whereabouts can be very stressful and tiring. Don’t worry any more we are here to serve you and to help you. You need the services of a private investigator experienced in searching for and finding missing persons. Our investigators are not bound by rules and regulations that apply to law enforcement, so we can use any and all resources that may be helpful. We can use informants and conduct surveillance at places where the missing person may be hiding out or being held against his or her will.

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