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Insurance Fraud is a problem that costs billions of dollars each year. All insurance companies feel the strain of exaggerated or false claims. It’s an industry-wide problem. At Revival Private Investigations, we conduct thorough investigations to uncover fraudulent claims for both insurance companies and individuals falsely implicated in accidents. We handle insurance investigations for virtually all industries, including:

  • health insurance
  • workers compensation
  • auto insurance
  • home insurance
  • life insurance
  • disability insurance

Revival Private Investigations utilizes a variety of techniques, including surveillance, interviews and criminal background checks, to help uncover false claims or lend credibility to legitimate cases.

Our activity checks are a cost-effective method of obtaining essential information on a claimant. Factual information is gathered during the investigation pertaining to physical activities and capabilities of the claimant.

Activity Checks Include:

Neighbor Inquiry: Up to four neighbors discreetly contacted and interviewed with regard to subject’s health, employment and physical activity.

Residence Description: A detailed description of the subject’s residence, neighborhood, surroundings and other pertinent facts of interest. Special attention to indicators of activity such as construction projects, landscaping and other telltale signs of fraud.

Practicality Assessment: A report offering our opinion on the value of a full-scale surveillance investigation and other logistical facts.

Surveillance: In the event the subject is observed and the actions warrant, we will obtain high quality video to document these activities.

Revival Private Investigations offer:

  • Discreet and Professional Surveillance
  • Cost Effective Expert Assessment
  • Fast & Reliable Service
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